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Why and how do people get into the swinging lifestyle? It’s an interesting question because most everybody has at least imagined swapping their mate with another couple whether they do it or not. Swinging is defined as a sexual activity outside of the relationship that a couple has.

Most couples start off as sexually liberated people in the first place and when they get into a couple and they may spend years being monogamous. Since the average swinger enters the lifestyle in their early thirties it’s apparent that they have settled down, at least relationship wise but are still feeling the need to engage more than one partner.

More often than not you might be an average couple who enjoys porn, lots of hot sex with your partner and are kind of open to the idea in the first place. In these days of “anything goes” it’s easy to imagine yourself wife swapping or even engaging in orgy parties. How do people make the transition? Maybe you want to spice up your sex life and you and your partner decide to go to a swingers club to have sex while others watch, but aren’t really interested in changing partners.

So you arrive, have a drink and start chatting up the good people around you. Conversation tends to drift towards sexual topics and before you know it you are in a back room with another couple and it’s really getting hotter and hotter while you watch them get going. It’s obvious what you came for and the combined noise and heat of the moment make it something that sticks in your mind for weeks or months. Before you know it your in the club again and this time your minds have become pregnant with ideas like: “it’s OK to touch the other couple, but we aren’t going to take it all the way.” Perhaps the ladies have always wanted to feel the touch of another woman and this is the perfect noncommittal way to give it a try. Everybody goes home with their person at the end of the day so what’s the harm?

They say swinging is addictive, once you try it once you are going to get hooked! Others aren’t interested in the party scene but have that special other couple they share their beloved with. One way or another, people serious in the lifestyle often times are really interested in making friends. The one thing about this is that it’s similar to a social club. You can be from any walk of life and find yourself in a mansion or a basement depending on who you happen to make friends with for the evening or on the long term.

What ever you reason for getting into the swinger lifestyle, most will tell you that trust is the key. If you can trust the other people you are swinging with, you can trust them with many things, including the love of your life!